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Various Authors who passed on after 1955 who had just a small number of poems


Author Biog Poem List Published in
Various     "Closet Poets"      
Archer-Taylor F.R   Pioneers Western Mail June 1938
B.B.   Little Black Dog

Our Lawless Language
"Verse From The Goldfields"  Margaret Bull, 1975
Western Mail June 1938
Breen,  Daisy
(nee  Dorrington)
Born: 22 Apr 1911 North Dandalup, WA

Daisy Breen  settled in Kalgoorlie in 1933. In May 1935 she married Patrick John Breen and had a daughter and a son. She was a member of the Eastern Goldfields Historical Society and the Goldfields Labor Women.

A Prospectors Dream
A Toast To The Old Golden Mile
Pipeline In The Sun
The Nickel & The Gold
The Willy Wagtail
Wonderland Of Wildflowers
"Verse From The Goldfields"  Margaret Bull, 1975
Bull, Margaret Born: Greenbushes WA  c1920
Died: 2001 ? WA
Margaret Bull moved to Kalgoorlie in 1942. She was a teacher and became principal of Kalgoorlie Junior Primary School from 1954 to 1968. Bull was also president of the Eastern Goldfields Historical Society for 10 years
Western Australia

Our Home Town

"Verse From The Goldfields"  Margaret Bull, 1975
Campbell J.C. ? Cocklebiddy "Verse From The Goldfields"  Margaret Bull, 1975
Carins, John Born: 1890 Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Died :1972  Coolgardie? WA
Arriving in WA  in 1913, he
first worked as a farm labourer in the State's south-west. Later he moved to the Eastern Goldfields and was engaged in sandalwood cutting until becoming a prospector for gold. He lived for many years in a small camp he built just outside Coolgardie. He spoke fluent German and two Aboriginal languages as well as his native English.
A Plea For Mercy

The Wonggi's Lament
"Verse From The Goldfields"  Margaret Bull, 1975
Frank, Alma A
(nee Marshall)

No other info - her parents were among the early settlers in Kalgoorlie

The Afghan
The Goldfields in the 20s
The Return of the Prospector
+ 4 short verses
"Verse From The Goldfields"  Margaret Bull, 1975
Hopegood,  Peter ? On Ninety Mile Beach  
McMicking, Torrance   C1930 - 1992  Torrance spent his early years as a stockman and drover in the Kimberleys.  He later became a Station Manager Walk Along Little Bullock  "Drovers, Drifters, Dreamers and Drongos", John McMicking  1996
O'Brien, Kevin Kevin O'Brien was born and raised within a family of nine in Western Australia's Eastern Goldfields. He was employed in many occupations in the region before concentrating on work in the mining industry A Tribute To O'Connor
A Plea For Life
Looking Back
Nickel Jack
The Dinkum Bushman
"Verse From The Goldfields"  Margaret Bull, 1975
Nazzari, Lou Born: Aug 1917, Boulder WA,
Died  ?
Lou lived all of his younger life at Ora Banda where his father Frank ran a fuel supply business which failed during the great depression.  Taking up prospecting with his father the family had quite reasonable success. He later took up a career  with Western Mining's Exploration Division.  He served in the AIF in WWII
During his retirement he developed an interest in poetry
Blues Oversight
Hannan's Cricket Club
             50th Reunion
If (Apol. to R Kipling)2
Memories of Ora Banda
all poems, "Verse From The Goldfields"  Margaret Bull, 1975

2 - Kalgoorlie Miner July 8 1930
Morton Tex
(born Robert Wm Lane)
Born: 1916 Nelson, NZ
Died: 1983 Sydney
Tex Morton was the first of Australia's country music legends to be inducted into the Australasian Country Music Roll of Renown at its opening in 1976. emigrating to Australia in 1932. A talented performer, he pioneered the 'Travelling Country Show' in his new homeland, touring with Ashton's and Holden's Circus as well as running his own travelling rodeo. He wrote the music and lyrics for many legendary country songs.
The King of Kalgoorlie "Verse From The Goldfields"  Margaret Bull, 1975
Sharp, Burt   ( New Dec 2014) A cartage contractor for the Meatworker at Wyndham in the 1940s, some of his poems and songs became "institutions" at the meatworks in later years Unnamed (Emu Beer)
Unnamed ("Inter Ute")
"Drovers, Drifters, Dreamers and Drongos", John McMicking  1996
Smith, Joe    ( New Dec 2014) ? Plausible Bill "Drovers, Drifters, Dreamers and Drongos", John McMicking  1996
Thomas,  Colin  (C1917-2014)    (New Dec 2014) Colin was a member of the WA Bush Poets & Yarnspinners Assn for the last 8 years or so of his life.  Until his death, he was the oldest member.  He was still writing and performing his poetry until 2012 There's Movement
(apologies to "Banjo")
unpublished - this was one of Colin's last poems - he submitted it for inclusion at any muster
Turner F.L   Back to The Goldfields "Verse From The Goldfields"  Margaret Bull, 1975

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