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Her Poems


Everything is Bloody North of Twenty Eight

Shirts Is hard Ta Get

The Ballad of Eddy Jones

The Long Semi Trailer

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Constance (Connie) Marguerite Herbert

Born: 25 Nov 1924

Died:  9 December 2002


This text is taken from the info supplied in her funeral Eulogy.

Connie was born at Pemberton, in the Sou'west corner of Australia where her parents, James and Mary (nee Monti)  Doherty were living on the "Group Settlement Scheme"  This scheme was an attempt to get more people living and working on the land, however it was not the success it was hoped to be and Connie's family later found themselves in Fremantle where her father worked on the wharves.

During the Depression, Connie attended several Convent schools as her family moved lodgings.  She was a bright student, particularly with English and Literature, she was first published in a children's book when only 8 years old .  Leaving school, she stayed at home looking after her younger siblings while her mother went out to work.  At 21,. as the war drew to a close, Connie got her first job at the fabric counter of "Pellews" in Fremantle. 

It was while she was working there that she developed her love of literature which continued and developed all through her life.   In 1951, Connie married Jim Herbert, a naval rigger, and with views of starting a new life, packed all their worldly goods onto a motor bike and rode off to Albany, living in a tent  -  Life took a turn for the worse when their tent burnt down, so off they went again,  this time by Austin A40 Ute to New South Wales.  It was there that Connies literary pursuits took off, with many jobs writing for the radio and stage as well as developing as a rhyming poet of some note.  During this time she also had some small acting roles. 

In the 1960's, Connie and Jim, now the parents of a daughter returned to Fremantle, but misfortune again was her companion for her husband died, leaving her to raise her daughter and earn an income.  Connie and her daughter then headed off to England where she had a variety of jobs before retuning to WA and taking up a position as a cook at Gasgoyne Junction. to be followed by some time as a barmaid, a TAB operator  and as a child care assistant.

All this moving about gave Connie a lot of material for her writing which she had continued - she used this material as both a poet and story teller in her "new" career as a guest speaker and a "public speaking" teachrer.

During this time, Connie had a short lived second marriage to Brian Heath.

Her home in Fremantle was always abuzz with people from all walks of life, but mainly in the literary world.  She was a foundation member  of the National Women's Writers (WA), later going on to be National President. She was also an active member, both as a writer and performer with the Fremantle "Harbour Theatre" 

 In her later life, her eyesight deteriorated, however even though this put a stop to her driving, it didn't stop her writing or performing.  

In the mid 1990s, she joined the newly formed WA Bush Poets and Yarnspinners Assn, and became both a prolific poet and performer as well as a mentor to those whose talents were still developing.   She continued with this until her death in 2002 .



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