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His Poems


On the Leases

The Boys of the Gippsland Side

The Girls who Love Us Now, Boys

New  Sept. 2016

May Gleeson's Ride for the Doctor

Eyre Sand Patch

"Caste" and "The Outback Trip"

Outback Joe and the Priest

How Outback Joe Won the Freedom of Cue

Outback Joe Gets Run in at Sir Samuel


Where the Lights o' Hannans Call
New Jan 2012

Why Silent is the Bluebush Song?

The Roll Up at Mosquito




Born: ??

Died: ??


I have absolutely no idea who "Exile" was.

He first appeared in 1903 in the Perth Sunday Times and  for the next several years was a regular contributor to that paper's  columns,  "Rhymer's Refuge"   "The Rhymer"  and "Goldfields Jingles and back Country Bits". These columns were edited by the bastion of the "Times" and well known poetic identity "Dryblower" Murphy.  

While most of Exile's poetry definitely fits the "Bush Poetry" genre, others are anything but;  but then that was not uncommon for poets of the era who's academic  background would have been very steeped in "British Classical Literature"

From his writings, it would appear that he came to the West from Victoria, but other than that I have no knowledge of him.


If anyone can enlighten me as to just who he was I'd be delighted



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