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His Poems
Give Us a White Australia

The Candidate's Plea

"Cock a Doodle Do"

Good Advice

Sabbath Reading

The Woman Who Will

For the People

The Mulga Host

The Fray is Over

The Slayer

The Two Gods

The Reformer   New


The Execution

The Gospel

The Solatium



Born: ??

Died: ??


I have absolutely no idea who "Brumby" was.

He first appeared in 1903 in the Perth Sunday Times and  during 1904 he was a regular contributor to that paper's  column, variously titled  "Rhymer's Refuge"  or "The Rhymer"  This column was edited by the bastion of the "Times" and well known poetic identity "Dryblower" Murphy.  

While some of Brumby's poetry definitely fits the "Bush Poetry" genre, others are anything but;  but then that was not uncommon for poets of the era who's academic  background would have been very steeped in "British Classical Literature"

I have come across various references to yarns attributed to this unidentified author, some of them extending into the 1930s.    Most of these references refer to stories of the Murchison and Western Goldfields  areas, Meekatharra being one of the most mentioned


If anyone can enlighten me as to just who he was I'd be delighted



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