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"The Understudy" 

I have no idea just who "The Understudy" may have been.  His  (I'm assuming it was a male as there were very few lady journalists at the time, certainly not writing for such an anti-establishment paper as the "Sunday Times".  

Poesm by "The Understudy" first appeared in Dryblower Murphy's new Sunday Times column "Verse and Worse"  on September 6th, 1903,  just the 2nd "Verse and Worse" column to appear.   

 Was "The Understudy" a single person?,  maybe several,  One possibility is that it was Murphy himself  writing under a pseudonym to give a different point of view or so as not to appear to be having exclusive use of the column or so as to have a 'scapegoat' when the poetry was non complimentary.  Another is that it was the Sunday Times sub-editor, Andree Hayward, himself a well recognised poet.  One reason for having "The Understudy" in Dryblower's column could be that Dryblower himself was "elsewhere" for he took many trips to the goldfields, particularly for the annual racing circuit.  Whatever the answer is,  "The Understudy"  has contributions in many "Verse and Worse" columns,  sometimes by himself, at others accompanying poems by Dryblower  


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