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His Poems

Whatever poems I can find will be included as (and if) I get to researching the Perth "Daily News"

A. "Needle" Pain

Born: ??

Died: ??


Needle was the pseudonym of  A  Pain (I am not sure of his actual name) , a journalist employed by the Perth "Daily News" in the pre and early post Federation era whose dfaily column "Points" was brief jottings of socio-political interest

This picture is "Points" as seen by the Sunday Times resident Artist,  Dick Hartley in 1903



Starting his career around 1896, he became one of the better known journalists of his era

At this time I have not yet researched this paper, consequently none of his poetry appears here yet.  


Dryblower Murphy commented at times on his poetry, in fact in one of his poems "The LSD Laureate" he made reference to the poems of "Needle" being little other than dittys which, being part of advertisements had little or no value to other than the advertise.   however, as they were in competition, this was part of the journalistic banter that was common between competing papers of that era.




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