Peace on Earth

By Alfred Chandler    (Sunday Times, December 24th 1905)


"Peace on earth, goodwill to man"

Hear the noble anthem sung:

Not by sect or canting clan,

But by heroes in the van,

True of heart and brave of tongue.


Marching forward, face and breast,

Chanting ever. "Peace on Earth,"

Cheering all the poor opprest

With tho hope of joy and rest

Justice, Liberty, and Worth.


Breaking every barricade

Reared by old opposing sway

Not with rifle, not with blade,

But with songs by rapture made,

Growing stronger day by day.


So the chorus calls and calls

Round the citadel of sin,

Till the outer rampart falls,

And across the level walls

Rush the singing warriors in.


Hark! they raise their voices brave:

"Peace on earth, goodwill to man,

Break the bonds, release the slave,

All the little children save,

And the mothers worn and wan.


"Peace on earth, to man goodwill -

Peace can only spring from truth;

Peace from wrong is futile still.

Let the world the Word fulfil

With the ecstasy of youth.


"All God's elements are free -

Sunshine bright and winds that blow ;

Why should man to man bend knee,

Begging life and leave to be ?

Heaven never meant it so.


"Thro' the universe one law

Leads to the Divine intent :

Freedom perfect without flaw

This the poet ever saw

In the scheme magnificent.


"Freedom fair for States and men

In this mystery of life,

Bringine joy within their ken.

This the law affirmed agen -

Peace, goodwill, the end of strife.


"Peace on earth and ill to none,

Selfishness a theft a crime ;

Hoarding gold a devil's fun:

Health, for wealth a sin to shun;

Empty pride a pantomime."


So we, hoping, hear, afar,

Thro' the long year's vista dim,

Lighted by one steadfast star,

Music swelling, bar by bar,

Louder, like a glorious hymn.


Nearer while the shadows wane,

Echoes fill this Christmas morn -

"Peace on earth"- again, again

Carol out the the glad refrain,

"Christ the Democrat is born."'



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