John McMicking
(Johnny Mac)



These poems and songs are in his book,
"Drovers, Drifters, Dreamers and Drongos"  self published 1996

A Witness of Change (c1965)
Animal Health
Back 'Ome
By Firelight (1983)
Bill and Tom
Chestnut Filly
Dawning (1992)
Down the Gulf (1951)
 Drive On
Holly's Farewell
I Can Climb Windmills (1992)
Interlude at Onslow (1956)
Six Mile Showdown
The Contractor
The Rabbit Exterminator (1996)
Tribute to a Drover (1951)
Underworld Heritage
Unnamed (1978)



John McMicking  (Johnny Mac)

Born: 1931

Died: 2011  Perth, WA

Biography:  At this time, just a few snippets,  more will hopefully be added in the near future.


John spent his early life with his elder brother Torrance as a stockman and drover in the Pilbara and Kimberleys.  

He knew many of the pastoralist families and was a friend of Mary Durack

In the late 1950s, John was appointed Government Stock Inspector based at Wyndham.  He continued in job until he retired about the time that the Wyndham Meatworks was closed down but remained living in his bush camp just outside of Wyndham

In the early 1990s, John moved to live in a retirement Village near Perth where he became very interested in Western Australian history, in particular the areas in which he had lived and worked.  He became involved in contributing information about some of the WA Pastoral Industry.  He was very concerned that the land, in recent years was being badly mismanaged and that large amounts of Government money was being wasted on ill-founded schemes supposedly aimed at improving the lot of the local aboriginal people but in reality achieving very little.  He was quite scathing in his comments about  "white black men" and their influence on Government policy to the detriment of those aboriginals who would prefer to largely live their traditional lifestyle.

He was also quite vocal about racial intolerance, by all

In his later years, John was a member of the WA Bush Poets & Yarnspinners Assn although he did not go to musters (due to his location and ill health.  He did however contribute some of his poems for presentation -  He gave me permission to use his poetry where I saw fit

In 1996, John, with the help of his friend Katy Vickers put together a booklet of Verse.  This contained John's poetry plus some from others that that he considered important to him.  Included were two poems by Mary Durack that she had given him "to do with as he liked" 





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