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William John McCudden

Born: 1902  Norseman, WA


Biography:  Bill's parents were often on the move in the Esperance Region of WA and so he received little formal education, starting work for a farmer at the age of ten,  He later worked on survey teams and railway construction.  In 1926 he married, the newlyweds spending their early married life living in tents in construction camps. Bill then gained permanent employment at Salmon Gums with the Railways Dept.  He later moved to Esperance and in 1943 to Kalgoorlie.  Bill retired from the Railways in 1967 and in retirement took up an interest in history which is reflected in his poetry from that time.  He was also involved in community service.


I have included a couple of Bill's poems here without getting permission from the copyright holder (I've no idea where to find him / her).  Should there be any objection, please e-mail me and I will remove them


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