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Her Poems

Aborigine 1770


Borrowed Time

(blank verse)




The Golden Mile

The Pathfinder

The Phantom Cross
(blank verse)

The Swan River


Nancy Hobson  (nee Campbell)

Born: July 1906,  Kalgoorlie

Died: ?

Biography:  Nancy was educated at Perth College and later at the University of WA where she gained a BA (education).  She later taught at her old school, along with several others.

In 1934 she married Alan Hobson BSc (Hon) - They went on to have 4 children.

In 1948 she returned to Kalgoorlie following her husband's appointment as Principal of the Kalgoorlie School of Mines  (Now an annexe of Curtin University of Technology)

She had many interests, being active in reparatory theatre writing and producing several musical sketches, mainly aimed at children. She was a keen public speaker and a stalwart in Church affairs, being Director of Religious Education for the Church of England for many years

Nancy and Alan retired to Safety Bay  in 1968

All  of Nancy's Poems which are listed here appear in "Verse from the Goldfields"  edited by Margaret Bull, 1975,   "The Golden Mile" also appeared in the "Kalgoorlie Miner" July 3 1950 - it was the winning entry for a poetry competition organised by the then MLC for the Goldfields district, Mr. G Bennetts,

While some of Nancy's poems are not generally considered to be "Bush Poems" as their subject is spiritual, most do conform to the Bush Poetry ideal of very good and consistent rhyme and Rhythm

I have been trying to find the copyright owner of Nancy's poems, so far without success - (there are far too many Hobsons in the phone book), so I will put her poetry on this site with the understanding that if I get an objection from the copyright owner, I will remove them.

Should the copyright owner be agreeable to them being here, could they please contact me so that I can give them due recognition.


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