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His Poems

Cupid in the Karri 

Flannel Flowers (1903) 

Floss and Flo (possibly with Dryblower)  (1906)

Gazed-at Girls (1909)

Gingin down the line (1906)

Hips  (1913)

If I were King (1903)

Midsummer Song (1909)

Rainbows  (1911)

Soft Stuff  (1918)

The Call of Christmas  (1910)

The Fireworks that Fizzled (1929)

The Great Event  (1918)

The Influx (1926)

The Joy of Missing It  (1914)

The Memorial (1926)

The Pressman's Farewell  (1910)

The Race Preservers (1913)

The Wards of Pain (1924)

Upside Down (1909)



His Books


John (Jack) Delaney    (Jean Dell)


Died:March 26th,  1942

Biography:  I have very little information about Jack, I was not even aware of his existence untl I had published my first "Dryblower" book, however when I came to the second book of Dryblower's Sunday Times Verses,  the name "Jean Dell" popped up from time to time during my research.  The first reference I could find of him was in 1903 in which there is reference to a poem "If I were King" which he had published in the  "Spectator"  (unavailable on "Trove") in response to the drama of the same name being played at that time in Perth. Further research told me that  about this time Jack had spent several months as Editor of this publication. There was also a poem "Flannel Flowers" (by Jean Dell) published in the "Sunday Times"  in October 1903.  

A much later reference had him as Coolgardies's first schoolmaster

I did find one reference to him being a "student" of the 'notorious' catholic priest and playwright Fr. Duff who apparently ran some poetry workshops around 1903-4.  Of the people who studied under Fr. Duff, only Jack would seem to have taken up a poetic career, some of the others becoming trade union officials, often with Irish militant leanings.  Jack also had political leanings for much of his poetry and newspaper articles refer to wage injustice and similar topics

On May 1st, 1904, the Sunday Times reported that Jack had given up the editorship of the "Spectator".   In 1904,  Jack joined the staff of the Kalgoorlie "Sun" and took over the management of it's column "A Mingled Yarn" from Dryblower who was now well and truly Perth based, but still contriburting to the "Sun". 

 It is likely that Jack had studied Dryblower's writings, for his were very much of the same style.  In fact It would seem that he and Dryblower jointly wrote some poems  (eg.  "Floss and Flo")

Jack's style and language were very much influenced by Dryblower, at times to the point that the reader is left in some doubt as to just who wrote some of the poems. 

In 1909, Jack was writing as Jean Dell for the Perth "Truth"

In April 1916, Jack joined the A.I.F. and it would seem from his writings that he went  to the war in Flanders 

During the 1920s, "Jean Dell" became a main feature writer with the Sunday Times with many of his poems appearing in Dryblower's "Verse and Worse" column

At this time, I have only been able to find reference to his writing up until April 1930

  (more info to come as my research continues)  







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