W.A. Poets from a Past Era

Poems by "Anon" and unknown (or little known)  poets    -   This list is constantly under review 
Not all listed poems are yet on this website (no link shown)
This list does not include many "Anon" poems initially published in Newspapers printed in the Goldfields and which were previously listed by a University of WA researcher as "Unknown Goldfields Poet"   - This list (with a small number of (unnumbered) additions of mine) is at the end of this page.

Should you read these poems, you will note that some do not have the strict rhyme and rhythm that is synonymous with what we now know as "Bush Poetry",  but back when they were written, such restrictions did not exist and little distinction was given between styles,  even  blank verse  (free verse  -  No underlying rhythmic structure - was yet to come.) was often mixed with rhyming poems.

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Year Author Title (click on title for poem) Published in
1832 John G Bussell The Kangaroo is in the Swamp "Cattle Chosen"- Oxford Uni Press 1926
1835 A Mt Eliza Perth Gazette Dec 1835
1835 Raupo The Bush  
1849 Anon New Song Perth Gazette  Nov 1891
1863 E. W. Landor Prologue Perth Gazette  April 1863
1872 "City Bard"    A Political Ditty                Perth Gazette October 4th 1872
1873 Humanitas A Blackfellow's Appeal Perth Inquirer July 1873
1891 John Boyle O'Reilly The Dukite Snake
also "Prologue" and "Western Australia"
"Life, Poems & Speeches of John B O'Reilly"  Cassell       New York
Perth "Sunday Times", Feb. 12th 1905
1894 Q T'Othersider & the Perthite  
1894 David Carnegie The Spinifex and Sand on the wall at the Old Perth Mint
1895 Hugh Vernon The Cabragonga Gawk Western Argus,  March  23,  1895
1898 H Calthroep
The Wail of a Dryblower
Ready Packed for Starting 
Western Argus March 1898
Kal Sun Nov. 27  1898
1899 Bob Bell
"The Rough and Ready Rhymster From the River"
'Boulder Bard'
"Sleeman Rough"
The Scorcher's Farewell to His Steed
Mildred Has a Beau
The Stockman's View Of It

The 20th Century Gir
The Black Man's Burden
Ode to Westralia
The Twentieth Century
The Fun That Adam Missed
St James and the Ladies
A Railroad Lament
"Painting Fences"
W A Sunday Times,  Jan 1st  1899
W A Sunday Times,  Jan 1st  1899
WA Sunday Times, January 15th 1899

WA Sunday Times, February 12th 1899
W A Sunday Times,  April 16th 1899
Kalgoorlie Sun   April 1899
WA Sunday Times,  May 21st 1899
WA Sunday Times,  May 28th 1899
WA Sunday Times,  May 28th 1899          (likely to be by F Vosper)
WA Sunday Times,  Sept. 10th 1899
WA Sunday Times,  Sept. 17th 1899
1900 "The Rough and Ready Rhymster From the River"
Geo. H & "Jetty Crocodile"
 Briton and Boer

A Loyalists Lament
The Workmens' Burden
At Wyndham & Vindication of Derby
WA Sunday Times, Feb 25th 1900

WA Sunday Times June 24th 1900
WA Sunday Times July 15th 1900
WA Sunday Times Sept 2nd  & Oct 14th  1900
1901 F Gibson
Julian Stuart

In Memoriam  (Re F.C.B. Vosper)
The Nine O'Clock Brigade
and Pether and His Printers
The Royal Show   also "I am the Man",
    A Brand of Shame "To a Suffragette"
The Tariff
West Australian Sunday Times,  January 13th 1901
West Australian Sunday Times,  April 21st 1901

Westralian Worker   July 1901
Kalgoorlie "Sun" 1901
West Australian Sunday Times,  November 24th 1901
1902 Alfred Chandler
Anon (likely to be Dryblower)
(likely to be by "Dryblower")
Lights Along the Mile
An Optimist
A Wanderer
I Promised Sue 
A Song of Sin

O'Lafferty's Luck
Unnamed (Re WA Goldfields Women)
The Hardest Road
The Oxford Book of Australasian Verse (1918)  p98
Sunday Times, April 27  1902
Sunday Times, May 4th 1902
Kal "Sun" May 25th  1902
Sunday Times, July 13th, 1902    

Sunday Times,  October  26th  1902
Sunday Times, November 9th 1902
Sunday Times, December 21st 1902
1903 "Cynicus"
"One of the Push"
'Bloated Moses'
(likely to be "Dryblower" )
P. Luitig (?)

Doss Chideron

Israel's Gods
Wearing Corks
Enough for the Entire Nation
The Coolgardie Road
The Three Hundred
An Absconding Debtors Ditty

The Saddle on the Fool

Too Classical for Clara
The Brush

Sunday Times, March 8th 1903
Sunday Times, March 8th 1903
Sunday Times, March 8th 1903
Sunday Times, March 29th 1903
Sunday Times, May 3rd 1903
Sunday Times,  May 17th 1903
Sunday Times  August 16th 1903

Sunday Times,  August 30th 1903

Sunday Times,  September 20th 1903
Sunday Times, September 20th  1903

1904 H.L.S.  (Yarloop)
Sleeman Rough (Kellerberrin)
Herbert E Reimann
No 4
Val Jameson
"Public Opinion"
"The Prodigal"
The Groper
Old Tom
T.N. (Leederville)
Gee Eph Ell
A Drunkards Grave
Dens of Infamy
Fireside Memories
Mingenew Melange
McIntyre's Christmas Duff
The Labor Party
Bush Mothers
Somebody's Luggage
Only a Demonstration    NEW  Jun 15
Mulga and the Gins
The Book Lover
When the World Was Young
The Pedagoging Union
Ballad of the Baltic Fleet
The (Editorial) Death of Nelson
Sunday Times,  March 6th
Sunday Times, April 17th 1904
Sunday Times, April 24th 1904
Sunday Times,  July 17th  1904
Sunday Times,  July 31st  1904
Sunday Times,  August 14th  1904
Sunday Times,  October 23rd 1904
Sunday Times,  December 25th  1904
Sunday Times,  November 6th 1904
Sunday Times    November 27th  1904
Sunday Times,  December 4th  1904
Sunday Times,  December 18th 1904
1905 Anon
Alfred Chandler
Alfred Chandler
S.E. Kiser

Temora  (Leonora)|
from Narrogin Advocate 
W.E.C. (Bunbury)
from Narrogin Advocate
Anon   (from "Sun")
Ada Cannon (Boyanup)
Gertie Scarlett (Karridale)
from Narrogin Advocate
Michael Keavy
Irene Hurley (Wanneroo)
from Narrogin Advocate
from Narrogin Advocate
Michael Keavy
Ida Davies
"One of Tranter's Victims"
from Dampier Despatch
Anon (possibly Dryblower)
"The Office Boy"
Where Some White Men Lie
Theodora,- A Lovely Heroine
When Love Shall Reign
Pendinni Joe
Coolgardie  1893
Give Back My Hat
Be Happy Your Way
The Ship of State
The Battler's Farewell
Exiled West      
A Farewell to the Fields
The Octopus
Farewell to the Bushland
A Weary I Grow of the Fighting
Our Black Brothers
Boiling the Billy
The One Difficulty
The Mills
Unnamed (re "bumming for beer")  NEW Jun 15
Unnamed (Re use of money)  NEW Jun 15
John Shannon's Billy Goat
Football Days 
Tim's Shopping Expedition 
The Art of Doing Without   
Tired Mothers  
The Gawky Age  
The Blind Boy   
A Romance in the Rough  
Son Levy's Utopia  
The Farmer Feeds Them All 
Plum Pudding Recipe  
The Salad Bowl  
The Fitzroy River
The Rabbit Proof Fence 
Buck-Wheat Cakes  
Wagin Gal 
Freo Ladies Club Poem    
Where Red Gums Grow  
Little Pieces  
Tipsy Cake 
The Bunbury Mammoth Show
The Voice  
The Wagin Show 
To Phyllis    
Wicked Wyndham  
A Christmas Parting - Never Again  
An Open Letter to the Premier
Guilfoyles Guileless Gargles (An Ad.)
Kal Sun Jan 1st, Sunday Times, Jan 8th
Kalgoorlie Sun 1904, Sunday Times   January 1st  1905
Sunday Times, January 1st  1905
Sunday Times,  January 15th  1905  
Sunday Times,  January 22nd 1905 (also Kal. "Sun")
Sunday Times, Jan 22nd 1905
Sunday Times,  Jan 29th 1905
Sunday Times,  Jan 29th 1905 (Also Kal. "Sun")
Sunday Times,  Feb. 5th 1905 (also Kal. "Sun")
Sunday Times,  Feb 26th  1905
Sunday Times, Feb. 26th 1905 (Also Kal. "Sun")
Sunday Times March 19th 1905, (Also Kal. "Sun")
Sunday Times, Feb. 25th 1905
Sunday Times Mar. 12th 1905 (Also Kal. "Sun")
Sunday Times, Apr. 16th 1905,  (also Kal "Sun")
Sunday Times, Apr. 16th 1905,  (also Kal "Sun")
Sunday Times, April 16th 1905 - Also narrogin Advocate
Sunday Times April 16th 1905
Sunday Times, May 7th  1905
Sunday Times,  May 21st  1905
Sunday Times, May 28th  1905 - Also Narrogin Advocate
Sunday Times,  May 28th  1905
Sunday Times,  June 4th 1905
Sunday Times,  June 28th  1905
Sunday Times,  July 9th  1905
Sunday Times.  July 16th  1905
Sunday Times  August 13th  1905
Sunday Times,  August 20th 1905
Sunday Times, Sept. 3rd  1905
Sunday Times,  Sept. 17th  1905
Sunday Times,  Sept.  24th  1905
Sunday Times,  October 22nd  1905
Sunday Times, November 12th 1905
Sunday Times,  November 26th 1905
Sunday Times,  December 3rd   1905
Sunday Times  December 17th  1905
Sunday Times, December 24th 1905   
1906 Anon
From Narrogin Advocate
H.Allen  (for Narrogin Advocate)
Anon (from Narrogin Advocate)
"The Prodigal"
"The Prodigal"
J Sayers (Wiluna)
J Sayers (Wiluna)
"The Mill Poet"

The Guinea Pig's Wail
The Narrogin Track
Not the Only Turtle    
A Cocky's Life        
Imported Goods (unnamed)  
The Ballade of Cottesloe Beach
The Post Hole  Sinker's Prayer   

Vino Petite Curas   
The Sport of Crooks   
A Suicide's Farewell     
Men of the Outside Shows  
A Saw Mill Ballad   

The Last Day (First Poem in this Paper)
Sunday Times, January 7th 1906
Sunday Times, January 14th  1906
Sunday Times,   Feb.  4th  1906
Sunday Times,  Feb 25th 1906
Kalgoorlie Sun  Feb 25th 1906,  Sunday Times,  Mar. 11th  1906
Sunday Times,  March  18th  1906
Sunday Times,  Mar.  18th  1906
Sunday Times,  Apr.  29th  1906
Sunday Times,  Apr.  29th  1906
Sunday Times,  May 20th  1906
Sunday Times,  Jun.  24th  1906

Geraldton Guardian Oct 2nd 1906
1910? Willie Willie Boulder's Gone Down  
1913 Julian Mitchell The Song of the Saw "By Suns and Stars"  Whitcombe and Tombs  Melbourne 1913
1913 W. C. Thomas The Terrace  
1916 Lillian Wooster- Greaves
Oscar Walters
The Farmers Daughter
Our Little Mates     New   Dec.  2016
Meekatharra Miner,  Jun. 10th  1916
1924May KidsonBoronia Bells    New  Dec 2016Sunday Times   Sep.  14th  1924
1925J.B.Hay St.    New  Dec.  2016Sunday Times   Nov. 1st  1925
1927 H.C.E.H    If                       Western Mail,  Jan 6th 1927
1929 Anon The Warder Sunday Times,  Jan. 6th, 1929
1932 Oscar Walters '17 and '32  
1932 Anon (possibly Dryblower) The Vacillator Sunday Times Sept. 25th, 1932
Unknown Year Herbert Hoover (USA President) Love Poem   On the wall of the Palace Hotel, Kalgoorlie



Unknown Goldfields Poets -
During the period 1893 - 1930 there were over sixty newspapers in various towns in the Goldfields, By 1909, this had reduced to only nine. 
In these various Publications, there were over 250 poems published by unknown poets
The list below gives the Poem, Publication and Date listed in Reverse Chronological Order. 
This list, I retrieved from the internet - I believe it was compiled by University of WA researchers

Further research by myself has indicated that this list is far from being a complete record of  poems in these papers which either had no given author  or was tagged  "Anon" -  In one paper alone,  there are 3 entries in this list,  examination of the paper reveals a further 3 which are not listed here.

In mid 2011, when several months into my research on these poems, I have concluded that a considerable number of them are likely to be the works of "Dryblower" Murphy.  -  I will attempt to clarify this as time goes on and I gather more of his poems.  I make this assumption as some of the titles are also the titles of Dryblower's "Pictorial Posters" . In addition to that, much of the phrasing and style is very "Dryblower" along with (in many of them) a quite complex rhyming structure (A "Dryblower" specialty).  In particular I refer to poems indicated in the table below to have originated in the (Kalgoorlie) "Sun" or its sister paper , the (Perth) "Sunday Times" for which company Dryblower worked most of his journalistic career as the resident bard.  I also note that on many occasions, the same poems appeared in both the "Sun" and the "Sunday Times" column " "Goldfields Jingles and Back Country Bits" on the same or very close  dates.

In addition to all of that, while these poems have no listed author,  when Dryblower used poems from others, he usually indicated their source (if known).  In his own columns however (which had no 'by-line') almost all of his poems (in period 1904 onward) were 'unsigned'. -  There was a period from around 1907 through to about 1911 where he did once again put his name on his poems,  this was because during that period, the Sunday Times employed some other "noteworthy" WA poets who'se work, from time to time appeared in Dryblowers columns.   

As my research progresses, I will indicate which of the poems below I consider to be "Dryblowers"

Poems which I identify as being from other "names", I will indicate as such.

In the list below,  the numbered entries (in reverse date order)  are the original UWA list.  Entries with no numbers have been added by me.   -  Brian L.

  Poem Publication Date
1 What the Hell Do You Think Of It Now    
2 The Road That Runs Outback The Western Mail (Perth) 6 October 1932
3 Failure   The Southern Cross Times 15 August 1931
4 The Aftermath : A Settler's Lament   The Southern Cross Times 25 July 1931
5  Australia's Motto   The Kalgoorlie Miner 23 July 1930
6 A Tale of a Ride Murchison Times and Day Dawn Gazette 22 February 1930
  Islands of the Sea    Leonora Miner 26 February 1927
7 The Editor's Song   Murchison Times and Day Dawn Gazette 12 November 1920
8  Prospector, V.C.    Meekatharra Miner 10 November 1917
9 Ted Murray's Petrol Lamp   Murchison Times and Day Dawn Gazette 31 August 1917
10 When Les Kemp Came Home   Leonora Miner 17 March 1917
11 The Song of the 16th in the Trenches, Gallipoli   The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 1 August 1915
12 Old Heart of Oak   The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 26 July 1914
13 Paddy, the Dog and I   The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 28 June 1914
14 The Song of the Pseudo Pioneers   The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 21 June 1914
15 Lines Composed in a Railway Carriage   Murchison Times and Day Dawn Gazette 17 April 1913
16 Happy and the Marquis   The Sunday Times (Perth) 16 February 1913
17 Bushland Night   The Sunday Times (Perth) 12 January 1913
18 A Song of Mt. Jackson The Southern Cross Times 7 September 1912
19 Tin Dog   Truth 24 August 1912
20 The Flying Gang - A Tale of the Oroya   Black Range Courier 18 July 1912
21 Unkissed   The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 16 June 1912
22 Siftings   Leonora Miner 10 February 1912
23 [Untitled]    first line - I crossa da sea Meekatharra Miner 23 December 1911
24 Jack Tremayne Bullfinch Budget 25 March 1911
25 No Water   Bullfinch Budget 28 January 1911
26 The Lady of the Snows Murchison Times and Day Dawn Gazette 31 December 1910
27 The 'Pioneer' Bullfinch Budget 17 December 1910
28 The Goddess Gold Bullfinch Budget 10 December 1910
29 The Missing Lease The Southern Cross Times 7 December 1910
30 The Expert Bullfinch Budget 3 December 1910
31 Shadowland The Southern Cross Times 12 November 1910
32 A Camel Train Meekatharra Miner 17 September 1910
33 The Song of the Axeman Meekatharra Miner 26 February 1910
34 Pests of the Pavement The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 23 January 1910
35 Where is Yaloginda Meekatharra Miner 20 November 1909
36 Progress The Southern Cross Times 16 October 1909
37 The Tinned Dog Chime The Sun (Kalgoorlie)  24 October 1909
38 Hit Back Truth 14 August 1909
39 One Traveller Returns The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 1 November 1908
40 Walkin' Round the World The Murchison Advocate 31 October 1908
41 The Rifleman's Story The Southern Cross Times 24 October 1908  
42 The Copper's Catch The Murchison Advocate 19 September 1908
43 A Battler Truth 8 August 1908
44 A Moving Tale The Southern Cross Times 22 February 1908
45 The Roamer The Southern Cross Times 18 January 1908
46 A Rubayait of Resolves The Southern Cross Times 11 January 1908
47 The Merry Wives of Woolgar Morgans Courier 13 November 1907
48 The Fossicker of Fly Flat The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 18 October 1907
49 [Untitled]   first line:
They talked at each other for all they were worth,
The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 22 September 1907
50 [Untitled]    First Line:
Here history repeats itself
The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 1 September 1907
51 One of the Whitest The Southern Cross Times 27 April 1907
52 Hugh's Eve Will Amuse You The Southern Cross Times 30 March 1907
53 Music of the Bush The Southern Cross Times< 15 December 1906
54 Yes, There's Room! Mount Leonora Miner 27 October 1906
55 The Root of Evil Mount Leonora Miner 27 October 1906
56 Where Are They? The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 23 September 1906
57 The Poet's Preferences The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 23 September 1906
58 A Barker Ballad The Sun (Kalgoorlie)  2 September 1906
59 An Up-To-Date Wife The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 29 July 1906
60 The Rajah of New Guinea (Dryblower) The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 24 June 1906
61 The Force of Habit The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 20 May 1906
62 Songs About Town The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 28 January 1906
63 McCarty's Funeral   (possibly Dryblower)  The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 28 January 1906
64 The Man I'd Like to Be The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 28 January 1906

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Where the Westral's Run  

The Sunday Times (Perth, W.A.)

31 December 1905


The Old Fossicker  

East Murchison News

4 November 1905


The Boys of the Old Brigade


21 October 1905


The Cadet and the Jap

Westralian Worker

6 October 1905


Campfire Reflections

The Sun (Kalgoorlie)

24 September 1905


Social Fictions

The Sun (Kalgoorlie)

24 September 1905


A Fiscal Song

The Sun (Kalgoorlie)

3 September 1905


Hair Cut, Sir?

The Sun (Kalgoorlie)

3 September 1905


The Coolgardie Handicap  

The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 27 August 1905
74 The Barmaid's Got to Go The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 27 August 1905
75 The Morning Trial Spins The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 20 August 1905
76 The Man from Kurrawang The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 30 July 1905
77 A Cyclist's Yarn The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 30 July 1905
78 His First Moustache The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 30 July 1905
79 The Mulga Man's Lament (Dryblower) The Sunday Times (Perth, W.A.) 23 July 1905
80 A South Kalgoorlie Idyll The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 23 July 1905
81 The Girl from Piccadilly The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 23 July 1905
82 Combo's Strike The Sunday Times (Perth, W.A.) 23 July 1905
83 The Maid from Mullingar The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 16 July 1905
84 The Fate of Bulgobak The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 9 July 1905
85 The Man Who Writes 'The Sun' The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 9 July 1905
86 The Longford Races The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 9 July 1905
87 The Gerty of Timerius The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 2 July 1905
88 [Untitled]  first line - He loved the poor  The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 2 July 1905
89 Roll Call in Corea The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 2 July 1905
90 Why Women Cannot Join (A Masonic Lay) The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 25 June 1905
91 [Untitled]  First Line - There was blood and fire from the Murchison  The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 25 June 1905
92 Men of Boulder The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 25 June 1905
93 The Art of Doing Without The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 18 June 1905
94 [Untitled]  First line - The poet in his humble cot  The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 18 June 1905
95 The Pushball Match The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 18 June 1905
96 The Winter Handicap The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 11 June 1905
97 To the Monarchs of the Mile The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 11 June 1905
98 Accepted The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 28 May 1905
  The Other Fellow's Job  Southern Cross  Times & Sunday Times ?  &  28 May, 1905
99 The Song of the Western Men (Dryblower) # The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 28 May 1905
100 [Untitled]  First line - Up in the morning and work all day The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 28 May 1905
101 Exit Hebe The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 21 May 1905
102 The Dago The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 14 May 1905
103 The Last Straw The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 14 May 1905
104 The Freelances The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 14 May 1905
105 Things Are Rather Tight The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 14 May 1905
106 A White Australia Song The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 7 May 1905
107 The Man in the Street The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 7 May 1905
108 Mulga Bill's Soliloquy The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 7 May 1905
109  The Local Yap House The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 7 May 1905
110 My Mates The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 30 April 1905
111 He Got There Just the Same The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 23 April 1905
112 Gawd Strike Me Dead The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 23 April 1905
113 As We Grow Old The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 23 April 1905
114 A Bacchanalians' Dream The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 23 April 1905
115 Belles of Hannans The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 16 April 1905
116 A Rhyme of the Barcoo Rot The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 16 April 1905
117 Lines to the Memory of John S. Turner, Who Perished at Cement Creek, on February 15, 1896 The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 9 April 1905
118  The Derelict The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 9 April 1905
119 Mates of Other Days   The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 2 April 1905
120 Mulga Mick's Bonanza Mine (Dryblower) The Sunday Times (Perth, W.A.) 2 April 1905
121 John Shannon's Billy Goat The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 26 March 1905
122 Australia's Animal The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 26 March 1905
123 The Fatal Fillet The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 26 March 1905
124 The Song of the Worked Out Field The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 26 March 1905
125 At the Races (Dryblower) # The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 19 March 1905
  A Pound a Week and Freedom Sunday Times,  19 March 1905
126 Mulga Bill's Mash The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 5 March 1905
127 Reputation The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 5 March 1905
128 The Piccadilly Pad The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 5 March 1905
129 One of the 'Old Brigade' The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 5 March 1905
130 The Mailman of Mitchell's Creek : How Letters Go Outback  ( likely to be Dryblower) # The Sunday Times (Perth, W.A.) 26 February 1905
131 The Man in the Know Speaks The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 26 February 1905
132 When Bushland Calls The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 26 February 1905
133 He Went 'Dead Crook' On the Boss (Dryblower) # The Sun (Kalgoorlie) / Sunday Times 26 February / 5 March 1905
134 Ballad of Dynamite The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 19 February 1905
135 The Man in the Street Speaks The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 19 February 1905
136 Boiling the Billy The Sun (Kalgoorlie) /Sunday Times, 12 February / 5 Mar  1905
137 Jiggin' Yet The Sun (Kalgoorlie) / Sunday Times 12 February / 5 March 1905
138 The Old Camp in the Throes The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 5 February 1905
139 In the Know The Sun (Kalgoorlie) / Sunday Times 5 February  / 12 Feb 1905
140 A Reverie The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 29 January 1905
141 The Battler's Farewell    by  "Sun" The Sunday Times (Perth, W.A.) 29 January 1905
142 Exiled West The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 22 January 1905
143 The Pioneer The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 22 January 1905
144 Out of Graft (Dryblower) # The Sun (Kalgoorlie) / Sunday Times 22 January / 12 March 1905
145 Labour Movement from Within (Dryblower) # The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 15 January 1905
146 As the Sun Sinks Away in the West The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 15 January 1905
147 It Was a Joke The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 8 January 1905
148 Where Some White Men Lie   (Dryblower) # The Sun (Kalgoorlie) / Sunday Times 1 January / 8 January  1905
  Swearing Off  (Dryblower) # The Sun (Kalgoorlie) / Sunday Times ? / 8 Jan  1905
149 The Tuggsville Band Contest  (Dryblower) # The Sun (Kalgoorlie)  (& Sunday Times 1st Jan)  1 January 1905

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150 Deadwood's Christmas The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 25 December 1904
151 The Poet's Revenge Westralian Worker 16 December 1904
152 The Cold Water Cure The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 4 December 1904
153 The Death Toll in the Mines Westralian Worker 2 December 1904
154 Owed to 'Willy' The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 27 November 1904
155 Mulga Taylor's Hat The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 27 November 1904
156 For Sale : Three One-Fourth Shares in Little Wonder Mine, Yunndamindera The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 6 November 1904
157 Poor Old Jack The Southern Cross Times 22 October 1904
158 A Gin-Sling The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 18 September 1904
159 Tick The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 31 July 1904
160 Only a Myth The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 31 July 1904
161 Much Ado About Nothing The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 24 July 1904
162 Making Back  (Dryblower) The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 24 July 1904
163 Broke on the Deeps The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 10 July 1904
164 In Ninety Three The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 26 June 1904
165 A Share-Rig Rhyme The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 19 June 1904
166 The Man from Bin-Du-Li The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 22 May 1904
167 I'm ter Git : The Song of the Workless The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 22 May 1904
168 The Empire of the Chow The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 15 May 1904
169 A Wail from Gwalia The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 1 May 1904
170 Hannan Street Wail The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 10 April 1904
171 He Kept the Quid The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 6 April 1904
172 Two Men (And More) in a Boat The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 27 March 1904
173 The Digger's Rubaiyat The  Sun (Kalgoolrie) 7 February 1904
174 The Song of the Stamps The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 29 November 1903
  A Malt-and-hops Hustler  (Dryblower) # Sunday Times 15th November 1903   #
175 The Lady Help (Dryblower) # The Sunday Times (Perth, W.A.) 21 June 1903
176 The Hatter's Home The Southern Cross Times 16 May 1903[1 other publication included here]
177 [Untitled] First Line - Melbourne City The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 19 April 1903
178 When the Steam Won't Rise The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 29 March 1903
179 The 'Lazy Germ's' Opposite The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 22 March 1903
180 The Goldfields Pioneer The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 8 March 1903 [1 other publication included here]
181 The Fossicker East Murchison News 31 January 1903
182 The Single Seated Buggy : A True Bill The Sunday Times (Perth, W.A.) 25 January 1903
183 Wicked Wyndham The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 14 December 1902
also Sunday Times  Dec 17th 1905
184 A Poetic Communication East Murchison News 12 April 1902
185 Mount Magnet Stakes Murchison Times and Day Dawn Gazette 20 April 1901
186 Kalgoorlie Smells Westralian Worker 25 January 1901
187 A Mining Madgrigal Westralian Worker 4 January 1901
188 [Untitled] First Line - The story is sad, of a man who went mad,  The Murchison Advocate 8 December 1900
189 [Untitled] First Line - Who forced their way out back The Murchison Advocate 29 September 1900
190 Holy Wully's Prayer The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 29 April 1900
191 Dangerous Ground The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 18 March 1900
192 The Bunyip The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 11 March 1900
193 Full Moon-Ta The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 18 February 1900
194 Love in Mid-Air The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 28 January 1900
195 [Untitled] First Line -  I'm truly thankful as becomes a lowly man like me,  The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 14 January 1900
196 A Night Out The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 3 December 1899
197 The Ruling Passion The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 26 November 1899
198 Vice Versa The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 26 November 1899
199 A Little List The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 19 November 1899
200 His New Brother The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 19 November 1899
201 The Cougher The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 5 November 1899
202 A Paradox The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 5 November 1899
203 To Oom Paul The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 29 October 1899
204 The Interrupted Speech The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 29 October 1899
205 The Exodus The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 22 October 1899
206 The Absentee The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 22 October 1899
207 Dust to Dust The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 15 October 1899
208 The Bank That Broke the Ring at Boulder City The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 1 October 1899
209 No Tickets The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 10 September 1899
210 The Putitoffs The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 23 July 1899
211 Virginibus Puerisque The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 9 July 1899
212 The Bard and Baby Show The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 25 June 1899
213 Keep Your Eye on the Light The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 11 June 1899
214 Cycling in the West The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 28 May 1899
215 The Governor and the Dryblower The Murchison Advocate 15 April 1899
216 The Brown Man's Burden The Kalgoorlie Miner 14 April 1899
217 Is It Hot Enough for You? Coolgardie Pioneer 21 January 1899
218 A Lay of Cuddingwarra and the Golden Gate Murchison Times and Day Dawn Gazette 12 January 1899
Evening in the Bush
The Sunday Times (Perth, W.A.)
Kal. Sun
8 January 1899
8 January, 1899

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220 The New-Chum Johnnie Raw; or, Bill McGee's Mate Geraldton Express 23 December 1898
221 When the Members Are Breasting the Bar The Murchison Advocate 3 December 1898
222 [Untitled] First line - They're like flies about the digger Coolgardie Pioneer 3 December 1898
223 The Aged Digger The Kalgoorlie Miner 1 December 1898
224 Salvation Mining Hymn The Sunday Times (Perth, W.A.) 27 November 1898
225 Bobadil's Been Beat The Sun (Kalgoorlie) 13 November 1898
226 Out at the Back of Beyond The Kalgoorlie Miner 10 October 1898
227 Letter from W.A. The Kalgoorlie Miner 12 September 1898
228 The Mystic Slug The Coolgardie Miner 3 August 1898
229 The Miner's Story Coolgardie Pioneer 30 July 1898
230 [Untitled] First Line - You can't convert a sinner The Coolgardie Miner 2 June 1898
231 [Untitled] First Line - What's the matter with the white man The Coolgardie Miner 31 May 1898
232 The Boys of the Old Brigade The Sunday Times (Perth, W.A.) 27 March 1898
233 [Untitled] First Line - They've struck it in the Q.E.D., Western Australian Goldfields' Courier
Menzies Miner
26 March 1898
19 March 1898
234 The Dryblower The Coolgardie Pioneer 5 February 1898
235 Hannan's  The Western Argus 23 September 1897
236 Peter to Polly The Kalgoorlie Miner 22 May 1897
237 The Man You Might Have Been The Kalgoorlie Miner 5 May 1897
238 It Hadn't Got to Be The Western Argus 13 May 1897
239 Mining Evolution The Coolgardie Miner 4 March 1897
240 [Untitled] First Line - Brave Constable Fox Geraldton Express 4 March 1897
241 The Pioneer Diggers The Western Argus 3 December 1896
242 A Lay of the Murchison Murchison Times and Day Dawn Gazette 21 October 1896
243 In Bayley Street The Coolgardie Miner 7 October 1896
244 A Modern Politician Described Coolgardie Pioneer 29 July 1896
245 The Fate of the Pegger Coolgardie Pioneer 15 January 1896
246 Going Back The Coolgardie Review 28 September 1895
247 How to Get Rich Geraldton Express 27 September 1895
248 Shooting Aboriginals The Southern Cross Herald 25 January 1895
249 The Prospector's Soliloquy Murchison Times and Day Dawn Gazette 26 December 1894
250 [Untitled] First Line - Only a swamper dead  Western Australian Goldfields' Courier 8 December 1894
  The Old Man's Advice Western Argus (Kalgoorlie) 24 November 1894
251 The Broker and the Flat : A Lay of Coolgardie Murchison Times and Day Dawn Gazette 1 September 1894
252 [Untitled] First Line - An ounce of brains in a ton of brass Victorian Express 13 July 1894
253 Untitled  First Line - The next's a twice-blown J.P  The Inquirer 18 May 1894
254 Scene Peak Hill Murchison Miner 2 June 1893
255 The Beauties of English Orthography Inquirer 7 September 1892
256 The Merry Way to Kimberley Daily News 21 January 1887
257 From the 'Pink-Un The Western Mail (Perth) 27 November 1886
258 Value of Books Albany Mail 11 August 1884
259 New Song for West Australia The Herald 13 December 1873
260 Goldd The Perth Gazette, and Independent Journal of Politics and News vol.5 no.228 30 April 1852

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