The Poetry of Brian Langley

Poetry Competitions are common around the world and when the results are announced
there is always comment as to the judging standard. 
The rules haven't been followed they say,

It strikes me as just a little "sour grapes" that it is never the winner who complains.

Perhaps those who do complain have forgotten that one "Golden Rule"
that you can read in my booklet "Driving in the Outback"



The Written Verse


There’s been some controversy

About the written verse

Improper punctuation

And other things much worse


The rules have not been followed

Or so some critics say

There’s inconsistent judging

In every kind of way.


There’s syllables not counted

There’s accents out of sync

The judges they have got it wrong

Or so some people think


Are rules so set in concrete?

That there’s no room to move

Should each and every poem

Fit in a common groove.


If so, we’d find them boring

They’d all read just the same

We wouldn’t care who wrote them

They wouldn’t need a name




© B Langley    Jan 6 2006

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