The Poetry of Brian Langley

Volunteering can be very hard work - it can also be a very rewarding experience, 
boosting your self-image as well as providing a service to others



Who is on YOUR list of heroes?

Some sportsman who’s out there to win?

Or actors you see in the movies?

Or a model with unblemished skin?


Perhaps it’s our nation’s prime movers

The wheelers and dealers of note

The people who manage big business

The ones that the journalists quote


Or maybe you’re more academic

And teachers are whom you admire

Who, when they perform in the classroom

Our children they hope to inspire.


Are your heroes our  doctors and nurses

Performing with consummate ease

Operations that keep us from dying

Or finding a cure for disease


Are soldiers and sailors your heroes?

Or pilots who fly through the air

Do you think as you watch them on telly

You also would like to be there.


The coppers who apprehend villains

Are you moved by the deeds that they do?

Are they there  on your list of heroes

Those people that YOU call “True Blue”


 Read the entire poem, all eleven verses in my booklet,  "Driving in the Outback" 


© Brian Langley    May 12   2009

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