The Poetry of Brian Langley


A true story about the difficulty of getting contractors to arrive when they should.


The Tree Man

'Twas on a Monday morning
The tree man should have come
I hung around and waited
Just sitting on my bum

I phoned him once, I phoned again
He didn't phone me back
It seems to me that courtesy
Was something he did lack

From him no word, not e'er a peep
Till two weeks down the track
Out of the blue he turns up here
I told him -"goodbye Jack"

"I've gone and got another
'Cos I didn't hear from you
And if you do not like it much
You know what you can do.

You can stick it up your jumper
Or anywhere you please
'Cos I wont ring your firm again
To come and cut my trees."

© B. Langley 28/10/2000

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