The Poetry of Brian Langley

Unlike "The Bloke I used to Know"  (in my booklet "The Forest and other verses"), I recall her perfectly
but you'll need to buy my booklet "Driving in the Outback" to find out how the poem ends


The Girl I Used to Know


There’s a girl I used to know

And I met her years ago

And I certainly remember where we met

She was at the surf club dance

I had gone there just by chance

When I saw her, I just knew I’d not forget


Her face - her chestnut hair

“Twas cascading everywhere

Down her shoulders, til it almost reached her bust

And her eyes were em’rald green

Nothing like I’d ever seen

I just stood there in a trance as if concussed


I was then a drunken youth

A yobbo, quite uncouth

And I s’pose I nearly drove my folks insane

But right then and there I knew

If she smiled - just what I’d do

From bad company and booze I would abstain



©  Brian Langley   15 Nov 2008

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