The Poetry of Brian Langley

Summer Days

Now summer's here, we all go off
Down to the ocean blue.
To frolic in the icy waves.
And catch a dose of flu.

Then out we get and sit and cook
Our bodies in the sun.
We lie there soaking up the rays
Till we are overdone.

We eat a meal of fish and chips
Cooked in loads of fat.
We like to think it's healthy.
But I'm not so sure of that.

The kid goes playing on the rocks
And falls and busts his knees.
We take him to the doctor
And cant afford the fees

And then we have a slow trip home
Along with all the others
Who've spent the day out having fun
With children, wives and mothers.

And so, next day, its off to work.
I cough, I'm sore, I'm broke.
I tell my mates we had such fun.
It's really quite a joke

For I'd sooner sit and watch the game
On the TV in my den.
But I suppose, come next weekend
We'll do it all again.


B.Langley. 23 Oct 1999

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