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In September 2006, Two prominent Australians, died accidental deaths while undertaking their particular passions.  Steve Irwin, world renowned conservationist, crocodile hunter and owner of Australia Zoo died off the coast of Queensland while filming marine life for a TV documentary, and Peter Brock, racing driver and motoring journalist who died in the bush near Perth when the rally car he was driving left the road and hit a tree.


People sometimes wonder why God, Fate, Mother Nature or what or whoever determines destiny allows people to die whilst young and at the pinnacle of their careers - This poem may answer this regarding these two gentlemen



 Steve Irwin


Steve Irwin arrived at the heavenly gate,

'Come in', said St Peter, 'You donít have to wait,

Youíve got an appointment to see the old man;

Just hurry along, go as fast as you can,

No need to be formal, just do not be late

And please speak quite clearly, his hearings not great.'


Steve saw in the distance a bright shining light

And as he approached, saw a figure in white,

Who said, 'Stephen Irwin, youíve no need to fear

Iíve called you up early, youíre needed up here

To be my offsider, to take up the fight

Of world conservation, itís in quite a plight.'




 As to what happens then,  you'll need to buy my booklet "The Forest and other verses" to find out

Brian Langley  April 10 2007

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