The Poetry of Brian Langley

  Speaking Strine

Now back before the TV came,

Most Aussies sounded much the same.

We had a slow and easy way

Of saying things we had to say.


The way we talked, some folks would call

The lazy way, a sort of drawl;

It was the way our parents spoke,

The same for bush and city folk.


We’d run a lot of words together,

Like “G’daycobba-‘sbonzaweather”

And “owyagoin-mate-oright?”

And “watchagunnado-t’night?”


And visitors from far off lands

Would shake their heads and hold their hands

As if to ask “What did he say,

What is this wotchadoont’day?”


For as we spoke our lips stayed closed,

No teeth and open mouth exposed,

For we knew well, for we were wise,

We did it to keep out the flies.




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© Brian Langley  September 2007

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