The Poetry of Brian Langley

We older people are inclined to go SKIing  - 
nothing to do with zooming down snow covered slopes with  ski's attached to our feet,
but more to do with  "Spending the Kid's Inheritance"  or in this case, the Grandkids - 

perhaps this is why we do it


Spending Their Inheritance


The grandkids donít come visiting,  too many things to do.

Iíve not seen some for several years, so Iíve made plans anew.

Iíll spend all their inheritance, Iím going on a trip,

Iíll fly off to the South of France, then jump aboard a ship

And sail to Greece and Turkey and the Adriatic Sea;

Thereíll be no money left for them - Iíll spend it all on me.

This attitude that Iíve now got - inherited for sure;

From grandkids: those who donít come round, to visit any more.


© Brian Langley  11 Jan 2009

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