The Poetry of Brian Langley

The Silly Season


The Silly Seasonís here again,  my calendarís full up

With invitations by the score to sit and sip and sup.

Thereís days that Iíll have clashes, have to split myself in two;

Iím not sure how Iíll manage it, I donít know what to do.

I wish that I were Superman, with supersonic speed;

That is the super-power for me, It is the one I need

To keep my friends all happy, as well as cousin Dee,

My classmates at aerobics and the local P & C

And all the other groups Iím in, as well as folk at work.

All obligations must be met.  Iím not a one to shirk;

But as I race from here to there, and back the other way,

I ask myself will all this stress, turn golden locks to grey;

And me into a crying mess, tears pouring down my cheeks  -

Why do we have to cram it all, into just a few short weeks?



©   Brian Langley       22  Nov    2008

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