This page is about the research that West Australian Performing Poet
Brian Langley    aka   "The City Poet"
is doing into the poetry of early West Australian Rhyming Poets, in particular,
Edwin Greenslade (Dryblower) Murphy  1866-1939



In 2010 I set out on a "quest" to rediscover the works of many West Australian  rhyming poets
of a past era.  This work is a continuing effort.


Some of the results I have published on the pages of the website of the WA Bush Poets & Yarn Spinners Assoc (Of which I was president for 4 years), However some of it I have published (or intend to publish) privately.  This is due to the fact that the research needed to put the various poem into their historic setting is quite extensive and also that there are considerable expenses involved in publishing this material which, being a pensioner, I can ill afford.   Consequently  The resulting products will have a cost attached to them.  With the very limited audience, I do not expect to make a fortune from my efforts.

Where am I at the moment?  

So far I have researched primarily just one newspaper of an earlier time,  the Perth based "Sunday Times" and its predecessor "The West Australian Sunday Times"  I have read every one of these papers from its inception in 1898 through to the end of 1905 and from this have extracted about 1200 poems, the vast majority being by their resident poet "Dryblower" Murphy.  I have included some of Murphy's work and All of the others on the WA Bush Poets Website 

Murphy's poems from this era, I have included in two book, the first one "Pictorial Posters"  is now finished and I am attempting to raise some finances in order to publish a print version.   I have however compiled an electronic version (PDF) of the same book which is available   (details below)

The second is still in progress, although it is coming toward completion.  It is called "Jarrah Jack to Hector C"  in B5 size of almost 1000 pages.  It contains around 750 poems plus a whole lot of short (mostly single verse) ditties that I have called "Snippets"

The name of the book reflects the Western Australian Premiers that were in Office during the era of the book,  "Jarrah Jack" being Lord John Forrest (premier 1890 - 1901) and Hector Cornthwaite Rason (premier for a short time 1905 - 1906)

There will be (hopefully) other books in the series which will contain his later poems (I have started working on the next one)



The Completed Book

"Pictorial Posters" is a  385   page book containing 347 short illustrated poems about various West Australian (mainly Perth) personalities, ranging from the very highest (The Governor) down to a lowly shop doorman.  Some of the poems (almost all in Limerick style) are quite complimentary about their subject while other are far from it.  Dryblower was a very political poet, much of his work relating to current social and political issues.

The poems in the book are almost all illustrated, the cartoonist being the (at the time) resident cartoonist of the "Times", namely Fred Roofy for some of the earlier poems and Richard (Dick) Hartley for the vast majority.  I have, where possible included some pertinent notes with each poem, mainly on who the subject of the poem was, but also, in some cases on what it was about them that bought them to Dryblower's attention. 



The Cover


A Typical Page


The Cost and how to get it

Paperback Version   Not Yet Available
ISBN   978-0-9804546-7-3
 Cost will be around $45 AU

Electronic Version (PDF)  19 MB
ISBN     978-0-9804546-8-0   
Available as a CD or a Download

Base Cost  $25 #
CD P & P  $5

You can download a PDF sample here

# There is a $5 reduction for genuine researchers

e-mail for orders or enquiries

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