The Poetry of Brian Langley

As we get older, our thought go back to the times of our youth.
I wonder about today's kids - what will they reminisce about?  - 
But you'll need to buy my booklet  "Driving in the Outback" to find out




Now and then I have a yen,

To ride my bike agen

And once more feel the wind rush past my ears.

Just to do the things I did,

When I was still a kid;

Some things that I remember through the years.


There were times Id climb a tree,

Its top from where Id see

The distant sparkle of the ocean waves.

And I used to be the type

Whod crawl inside a pipe,

Pretending I was out exploring caves.


For my breakfast I would cram

My mouth with strawbry jam

And cream and melted butter on my toast.

And on some days I would swim

In the creek with Pete and Jim,

Then lay there in the sun until wed roast.


And wed play out by the shed,

Being soldiers, layin dead;

Then count to fifty, then be back alive.

Wed make forts from fallen logs,

Tie cans on tails of dogs.

I sometimes wonder how we did survive.



Brian Langley   May 3  2008

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