The Poetry of Brian Langley



In times past, a desirable housewifely skill was cooking.  In these times this has become a lower priority function




Pre-Cooked Dinners

I'm quite amazed at what I see
when, with a shopping cart
I wander down the freezer aisles
inside the super-mart.

There's packs and packs of frozen meals
There some for every taste;
They're boneless and they're skinless
so there's very little waste.

There's Chinese, Thai, Italian too
and good old Aussie pies;
There's honey mustard chicken breasts
and spicy curried thighs.

There's roast lamb with some veg'tables,
there's sweet and sour fish.
There's something there for everyone;
There's everything you'd wish.

As to what happens next,  you'll need to buy my booklet "The Forest and other verses" to find out


(c) Brian Langley 22 Feb 2007


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