The Poetry of Brian Langley

 I've no idea where the inspiration for this little verse came from - Methinks I'll need to ponder on that question a bit more.


 At times I sit and ponder, as I gaze into the sky.
What lies beyond the universe, and how come bees can fly?
And is there life beyond the grave, and if so, where's it at?
And is it true the ozone's gone so I have to wear a hat?

 And were there really dinosaurs that wandered up and down?
And should I wear my new blue jeans next time I go to town?
And did the mountains wash away until they were just sand?
And I wonder just how many lines that I can start with "and"?

 Life's so full of questions, I wonder why its so?
They might be there to test us as through our life we go.
But then again, I'm not so sure, perhaps they're really not.
And it's all one cosmic accident and we just think a lot

 So I'll go back to my pondering, I'll ponder here and there
About why snakes have got no legs and why don't fish breathe air.
Why is it that one day it's hot, and the next day it's so cold
And why do we get wrinkles on our skin as we grow old

 What's inside a bubble? What holds it in its shape?
How come there's peas inside a pod and pips inside a grape?
Now all these questions tax my brain, the answers stay away.
Perhaps I'll have to sleep on it and try another day.


© B.Langley. Nov 23rd 1999

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