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Poetry that does not have Rhyme and Rhythm does not appeal to me at all - except possibly as some form of torturous literary exercise, but from time to time I do join writers of other genres at poetic festivals etc.  I find that many of these other styles have little if any general public appeal, their accolades coming almost entirely from other poets of similar styles.  I, and the few others who present good rhythmic, rhyming verse seem to attract an appreciative audience, who, once the microphone is passed to  the free verse aficionados quickly disperse.      So  here are my thoughts on the matter  





Now our style of verse has both rhythm and rhyme
To stray from this structure is almost a crime
There are others I know who would disagree
Proclaim what we say is just not poetry


They say we’re not poets, we’re just balladeers
With popular verses for simplistic ears
Such verses as these, they just cannot extol
A poem, they say, should emerge from the soul


Well, poetry week, it has just come and went
And with people like this, some time I have spent
I’ve sat and I’ve listened but little I’ve heard
Is what I’d expect from the poetic word


For most of the poets I heard through the week
Should look up their diction’ry before they speak
For the word is defined right there in that book
But many it seems have not bothered to look


The poetry word is as clear as can be
Defined in one sentence when you look to see
It says that for poetry, what is the norm
Is thoughts and expressions in rhythmical form


No mention of rhyme, but with that I’m OK
Rhyme’s a sub-species, the sort that we say
But much that I heard, it just got up my nose
‘Twas not poetry, it was broken up prose


Their poems they say, they are writ in free verse
But after one poem, I doubt I’ve heard worse
No rhythm, no metre, no structure to share
Just words joined together with gaps here and there


They call themselves poets, they think they’re hot stuff
Refined and intelligent, not at all rough
Educated you know, got a masters degree
In lit’rature, language and quick repartee.


Been published, you see, by the Art Council Press
Had trips overseas, which they hope will impress
Their readers and listeners, but I disagree
The stuff that they write, it does nothing for me


I know I’m no sage in the lit’rature game
I haven’t got letters put after my name
But I know what’s there, in that “Dicshun-ary”
The meaning I’ll find for the word “Poetry”

©  Brian Langley   Sep 22  2006


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