The Poetry of Brian Langley

Note - "Clancy" refers to a character from some famous Australian Poems inc.  "Clancy of the Overflow" written by A.B. (Banjo) Paterson in the 1880s  - 
"Overflow" refers to the outflow from a natural lake or billabong (anabranch). 
"Bunyip" is a mythical Australian creature that emerges at night to terrorise people with its wailing noise.

Playing Aussie Songs

 On these lazy afternoons
Id like to play some Aussie tunes.
And sing a dinkum, true blue song,
Perhaps youd like to sing along.

 The tunes Id play, Im sure youd know.
The words, wed make up as we go.
And as I ran up through the chords,
Wed sing of shearers on the boards.

 And chaps like Clancy, long ago,
Out somewhere on the Overflow.
Wed sing of rivers, drought and flood,
Of pastureland all turned to mud.

 And then wed sing of boom and bust,
Of failed crops, of sand and dust.
Id strum a minor chord or two
And off wed go with words anew.

 About our mates, about our lives,
About our girlfriends and our wives.
About the friends weve left behind
And others that weve yet to find.

 Wed sing about red kangaroos
And flocks of noisy cockatoos
And snakes and other beasts that bite
And bunyips out there in the night.

 Wed pause to think. Id strum along,
The melody would come out strong
And that would help us in our quest
To find the words that fitted best.

 Wed sing of times, both old and new
About our nation as it grew.
Wed sing of truckies on the roads,
Their trailers full of heavy loads.

 Of sporting folk, wed sing out loud,
Across the world, theyve made us proud.
Wed sing along, all afternoon
To my guitar and Aussie tune.

 But though Id love for this to be,
Theres just one catch that I can see.
Though I can rhyme and maybe sing,
I cannot play that guitar thing.


Brian Langley  July 25th 2004

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