The The Poetry of Brian Langley



Our National Food


Most countries have foods that their neighbours don’t eat,

Germans turn blood into some kind of meat.

Arabs eat sheep’s eyes, or so I’ve been told,

and Chinese eat eggs, a hundred years old.


There’s many a country eat chilli so hot,

you really don’t know if you’re breathing or not.

The French, they eat snails and frog’s legs as well. 

The English eat eels suspended in gel.


Some people eat monkey and other eat rat. 

Eskimo people eat blubber and fat.

The Scots they eat haggis though goodness knows why

and the Yanks out of pumpkin make some sort of pie.


Now Japanese people eat seaweed with rice. 

Some African people think warm blood is nice.

Norwegians are known to eat raw fish as snacks,

and folk from Tibet, they eat butter from yaks.


The folks from these countries I know they’d abhor,

the food of our nation, that we all adore.

For here in Australia, what do we see,

but a product that comes from the Vegemite tree.




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© Brian Langley  October 2005

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