The Poetry of Brian Langley


New Year Resolutions


Now Christmas time has come and went,
The food's been et, the money spent.
I've sung the songs and drunk the booze.
My friends have been, I've heard their news.

Now 's time to change the life I've led.
And plan for times that lie ahead.
To make my resolutions clear
About the things I'll change next year.

Like ride my bike instead of driving
Be on time when I'm arriving.
Drink less booze and eat less fat
Wear some sunscreen and a hat.

Say hello to folks I meet
When I am jogging down the street.
Wear a smile the whole day long.
Don't do things I know are wrong.

The list goes on for several pages
To write it down has taken ages.
I read it back then think, "Oh Dear!
It's exactly what I wrote last year."


© Brian Langley, December 2003


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