The Poetry of Brian Langley

Just as soon as we get used to one set of numbers, forms, ways of doing things, the company gets taken over and it's back to a whole new list of stuff we have to know.  -  Is it really worth the effort?



New Bank Takes Over


Our bank’s been taken over,

There’s a new name on our cheques

But all the things we had to do,

We’re all now nervous wrecks.

We’ve had to change our numbers

New PINS, new BSB,

They tell us that it’s best for us,

How fortunate we’ll be

That we can now access the funds

Of our new major bank,

But when I went to take a look

I only drew a blank.


(C)  Brian Langley  Sept. 2008 


The second half of the poem carries on in a similar vein, but suggests what we should do with our money. 
Read it in my booklet  "Driving in the Outback"


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