The Poetry of Brian Langley

This was my first sonnet -
I was inspired to write it after reading a
couple of sonnets written by my ancestor Leigh Hunt -
I found these very strange and thought that I could do better.
Whether I have achieved this, I don't know, as poetry, like all art forms touches people in many ways


Where Lives my God


My God lives not in spired halls
With stained glass eyes that stare,
Looking outward. I am not there
To find Him. Not in cloistered walls.
For my God lives beyond the urban sprawls.
Within the forest, I find Him there,
And by the sea. I see him where
The rivers flow and water falls.

I find Him when I am in awe
Of snow capped mountains, stark and white.
Of pounding waves upon the shore.
Of eternal stars, far points of light.
These things, they make my spirit soar
And lift my soul each day and night.


© B.Langley Sept 1999

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