The Poetry of Brian Langley

Mothers Day is usually portrayed as a joyous occasion, however reality is often different.  This poem was written for a short poetry competition in May 2009, the theme of which was "Mother"


A Mothers Day Poem


‘Bout once a week I see her, she just sits in her chair;

She drifts away quite often, most times she’s unaware

That I’ve arrived to see her, but every now and then

She talks of things remembered, when she was young, and when

She had a doll named Suzie, a puppy she called Spot.

And later on, a husband, she says she loved a lot.

She sometimes talks about her kids, tells me there were three;

A pretty little daughter, who died in infancy:

A son who got conscripted, was Long Tan where he died;

She says that she remembers was weeks and weeks she cried.

She hasn’t seen the other, for twenty years or so;

She wonders what he’s up to, she thinks she’d like to know.

She doesn’t know her neighbours, she cant recall the date;

I don’t think that she’s eating, she’s lost a lot of weight.

She asks me what my name is, and why it is I’ve come

And why I cry and hug her, and why I call her Mum.


 © Brian Langley   April 8 2009

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