The Poetry of Brian Langley

This is a Sonnet - I've only written a few of these. 
This one got me in the top 15 of a Sonnet competition run by the Victorian Shakespearian Society in 2010  - 
They published it in a booklet titled "The 155th Sonnett"



She shares my life, she shares my bed
Each day I wake and see her there
Breathing softly, her golden hair
Beside me on the pillow spread.
She looks at me with words unsaid
And silently I say a prayer
Of hope, she always will be there
My sweet and lovely sleepyhead

Tis time to rise and face the day
I watch her as from sleep she stirs
And stretches in her sensual way
I get our breakfast, mine and hers
Just milk for her, same everyday.
She laps it up, then sits and purrs

B. Langley 23/2/00

You will find this poem in "Sun, Sand and Saltwater"


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