The Poetry of Brian Langley,  "The City Poet"

Having found myself sitting at my computer
till the wee hours of the morning, I thought to myself,
"What am I doing here? Surely there must be
other things in life".
Here is the complete poem

After Midnight

'Twas the hour after midnight and all over town
People were sitting, eyes looking down
Staring at pictures and words on a screen
From folks in far places where they've never been

For the night is no stranger to fans of the net
They're up till all hours. Alarms must be set
to remind them to sleep, or they'd sit there all night
Surfing the net for that one special site.

They go without food, they go without sex
they abandon their families, become nervous wrecks
Their houses fall down for there is no upkeep
They're at their computers or soundly asleep

So all you young netties, now listen to me
give up this bad habit and set yourself free
Before you're addicted, before its too late
Switch off your computer before half past eight.

Then go off to a club or just pick up a book
Go, take in a movie, or learn how to cook
And tomorrow repeat these ideas again
For too much computing will addle your brain

B.Langley Nov. 1999

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