The Poetry of Brian Langley


I wrote this little poem to accompany decorated storage boxes that my wife and I gave to our grandchildren for Xmas, 1996.
While it is a "family" poem, I feel it deserves a bit better exposure.


It does not appear in any of my booklets



The Memory Box


This box is there for you to use,
to keep your memories dear
The things you cherish in your life,
through every passing year

The photos that you sometimes took,
of someone's big left toe.
The recipes that came to you,
from Grandma long ago

The notes you bought home from your school,
to say how good you are.
A piece of string, a feather too,
and pictures of a car.

The song you wrote but couldn't end,
for the person of your dreams.
Memories of desert sand
and bubbling mountain streams.

Letters from across the sea,
from people far and near
These are the things that you should keep,
the things that you hold dear.

 © B.Langley Xmas 1996

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