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The Melbourne Cup is Australia's most famous horse race, and is truly the "race, that stops a nation".

It is now the richest handicap in the world, worth some $5.5 million and attracts around 100,000 people to the Flemington racecourse. The Melbourne Cup continues to have an increasingly popular international appeal since the breakthrough win of Irish-trained Vintage Crop in 1993. To put this into perspective, winning the Melbourne Cup automatically propels the horse, trainer, owners into a part of Australian racing history - the 'holy grail' of all horse racing



Melbourne Cup




First Tuesday in November

In places all round Oz

There’s hardly any work gets done

The reason is because


Way over there in Melbourne

There’s horses in a race

And ladies wearing silly hats

Decked out with flowers and lace


Now all across Australia

In every outback pub

In towns and cities everywhere

In every sporting club


As well as at the racetracks

With monster sized TV

There’s people wait with bated breath

All hoping they will be


Among the folk who put their dough

Upon the nag that wins

You’ll know them when the race is done

They’ll all have stupid grins


But ask them in a week or so

What horse was it that won

There’s few who will remember but

They’ll tell you he could run


But it really doesn’t matter

They’ll tell you with a smirk

It’s just a great excuse to take

Some time away from work.


©  Brian Langley - October 23  2006

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