The Poetry of Brian Langley

Local Holidays


There are folks who have dough, who for holidays go,

To exotic and far distant places.

To the Islands of Greece, to the city of Nice,

To the Grand National steeplechase races.


To the African Veldt, or the annual melt

Of the snow on the high Himalayas.

Or perhaps to Peru where they might see a few,

Ancient cities built there by the Mayas.


But for people like me, and most others I see

In the line where we queue for our pensions,

Such trips overseas are like catching the breeze,

Or attending vice-regal conventions.


For the likes of we folk who are usually broke,

Can’t afford the expenses required

To trip overseas, five stars if you please!

Well,  we’ve come up with something inspired.



Read the whole poem (10 verses) in my booklet  "Driving in the Outback"

©  Brian Langley  24 July 2006

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