The Poetry of Brian Langley

 Just a bit of frivolity



She was blonde with big blue eyes,

Of the sort that hypnotise.

I met her at the local Happy Hockers.

She was standing in the queue

And no lies I’ll tell to you,

She had this pair of quite enormous knockers.


Well I couldn’t help but stare

At that tantalizing pair,

Half hidden ‘neath some lacy sort of net.

Then I said “They’re very nice”,

And I asked her what’s her price.

Then she smiled at me. I reckoned I was set.


She said, “Would you like to feel,

They are absolutely real,

Nothing fake or false about them you will see.

And they are a perfect match,

Not a blemish, not a scratch;

Would you like a closer look”, she said to me.


Read all seven verses in my booklet "The Forest and other verses"


© Brian Langley    Oct 12th 2006


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