The Poetry of Brian Langley

This poem is derived from "Our Crowded House" and was modified to be an inclusion in a Machine Knitting magazine.
 This version is very similar to the original, except reference to machines and necessary craft supplies etc has been changed.  

This poem does not appear in any of my booklets.

Note - in a past time, the word "Blokey" in this poem was questioned by an American Craft  Guild.
They apparently thought it was some form of strong language. Not So!   "Blokey" means "pertaining to Blokes" (ie Men) 


The Machine Knitters House

Our house is full of woolen yarn, in almost every shade.
The lounge is full of knitted squares, for the quilt thatís almost made.
The table we should dine on is two feet deep at least
In automatic pattern sheets, arranged so theyíre not creased.

 Thereís a cupboard in one bedroom, thatís bursting at the seams.
Its full of pastel coloured balls, all pinks and blues and creams
Thereís boxes filled with other stuff, thereís ribbons, braid and more.
Itís stacked in almost every room, from ceiling to the floor.

 The place she calls her knitting room, has cupboards, wall to wall
All filled with other knitting gear, she says she needs it all.
Thereís things for winding wool in balls, thereís magazines and books,
Thereís extra needles, tools galore and weights attached to hooks.

 Thereís four machines are in her room, she says she needs one more
Thereíll be no room to fit it in, it wonít get through the door
Why does she need so many? Iím sure I hear you ask.
Well - some of them are specialized and only do one task.

 Thereís two that do the basic stuff, thereís one that just does ribs.
Thereís one that knits in circles, and Iíll tell you no fibs.
Iíve had to build an extra room, to store her bulk supplies
Of yarn she needs for future plans, and it is no surprise.

 That like the other rooms she has, itís absolutely full
With boxes, bags and cartons, all chock-a-block with wool.
But I suppose I canít complain and say Iíve had enough.
I cant get in my shed at all.  Its full of blokey stuff.

 © Original poem ďOur Crowded HouseĒ  Brian Langley  September 2004

This modification Nov 2005

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