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"The City Poet",  otherwise known as Brian Langley

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First off, here's a bit of  general information about me and my poetry.  I've also included  some info about the poetic products that I have self produced and published.    At this time, my products are:   three 40 page A5 booklets (each containing around 25 poems) ,  some of the poems on this website only have their beginnings - (you'll need to buy the booklets to find out the middles and the ends)  some shorter ones are there in their entirety.  -  My most recent book, I self published in November 2012 , it is   "You Could Write a Poem About That"  a 196 page B5  book of virtually all of poetry to that date.  In addition I have 2 CDs,  "I'm Proud To be Australian"  and  "It's a Bugger Gettin' Old"   I also have two Data Cds  (for playing on a computer - See below)

For those people living in Perth, Western Australia, I am available as a performing poet.  My specialty is for Retirement Villages, Adult Day Care facilities, Seniors Groups, Clubs  etc.  Also as a 'diversion' at 'open days' and as an MC/promoter/entertainer at local markets.
My main topics are those that interest people of my own age group (definitely in that group our grandkids call "wrinklies") .  Typical of such topics are Travelling, Fishing, Contemporary Living and getting older. I also dabble a bit in "Australiana"    If you are looking for  an entertainer of my style, give me a call on 9361 3770.  or   e-mail me here


If you want to see me in action,
 please take a look at one of my youtube clips


I am also available as a "Guest Speaker" with topics:

1 -  "What is this Bush Poetry Stuff All About"  which talks about how you go about writing and/or performing Bush Poetry, 
2 -  "The poetry of West Australian Bush Poets of a Past Era", particularly E.G. (Dryblower) Murphy but also with reference to Andree Hayward,  John (Bluebush) Burke, Thomas (Crosscut) Wilson, Francis (Prospect Good) Ophel,  Alf (The Axeman) Wallace  and Jack Sorensen.

These topics, either individually or both can be mixed with a performance
I am also available for writing or theatrical groups,  educational institutions including  adult education and primary and secondary schools   -  I have had  a "Working with Children Check" but it is now expired

The duration, content and cost of any of my presentations are negotiable  - please contact me

I am also available to judge Written and Performance Bush Poetry competitions

I am an accredited ABPA Performance and Written Judge.  My performance judging criteria is in line with those listed on the ABPA recommended performance judging sheet. 

My written Judging criteria also is in line with the ABPA judging form, however the importance I place on some aspects may differ from that of some other judges
Read about my judging criteria for written competition -

My poetic style lies along the track of "Bush Poetry", it has very good and consistent Rhyme and Rhythm.   No blank verse stuff for me.  The vast majority  are Narrative, some are Descriptive, a couple are socio-political comment and just a few could be considered Emotive .    Some are long, some very short, (just a few lines ) with most somewhere in between.  Some are humorous, some sad and serious,  a few make you think a bit,  there's a quirky one or three while others have a bit of a twist in their tail. 


As various people have differing ideas about just what constitutes "Bush Poetry" I prefer to call myself a "Storyteller in Rhyme" with my subject matter and style lying somewhere between Banjo Paterson and Pam Ayers

Me?  I was born back in 1940, in the southwest of Western Australia.  My dad, though largely self educated had a love of  Rhyming Poetry, so I grew up to the stories of Banjo Paterson, Henry Lawson, CJ Dennis, Rudyard Kipling and others of that era. 

I didn't do anything with this knowledge until late in my working career  where I started writing family and work related poems (the work stuff was often quite cynical - understandable as I worked for a Government Instrumentality (Telecom)). 

In 1999, after starting some family research, I discovered I had a poetic ancestor (Leigh Hunt)  whose verses did not inspire me at all. I reckoned I could do better, and so started  an interest that continues to this day.  

In 2004  I joined the WA Bush Poets and Yarnspinners Assn, and in 2007 was elected President which I held for 4 years and which I have now passed on to another. After a year on the "back bench" of the committee I found myself a bit discontent about the direction the Association was heading and returned to the executive, as Vice President   -   I am not one to be a passenger in any organisations I am involved in.   In 2014, I did not seek re-election to the executive as this is to be a "Gap time" to concentrate on my historic interests and do some travelling, also there are some health issues which will need to be resolved.

I am also a member of The Australian Bush Poets Assn,    I live in suburban Perth with my "good wife" Dot.  We have 4 grown daughters, 10  grandkids  and 6 great grandees .  So far, only a couple have shown any poetic leanings.

I don't enter many competitions but have over the years won several awards for my written verse (highest being State Champion).  As to Performance Competitions, I have several 1st at State Championship level.  In 2013, I travelled to Tamworth to compete in the "Golden Damper" for the first time.  I managed to come 2nd in the "Original" section.  In 2014, I again went to Tamworth - on this occasion I returned home with the prestigious "Golden Damper" tucked away in my suitcase.  I now have retired from that competition. 

I have, over the past few years taken the opportunity to present my style of Bush Poetry to people from other countries. In general, the Poms and the Irish love it, the Yanks aren't quite sure as some of the terminology throws them (I had to explain "blokey",  "dunny" and a few other common Aussie words).  The Chinese, Dutch and Germans clap but I don't think they understood much at all.   I have done my 'thing' aboard the "Scenic Emerald" in Austria, the "AMALotus" in Vietnam, the "Marco Polo"  in the Baltic Sea and the "Sea Princess" in the Indian Ocean.  I have also done a gig at a pub in Kilarney, Ireland  and tested the acoustics at the main amphitheatre at the ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey  so I suppose I can justifiably call myself an international performer.

A special for my fellow travellers on the "Cosmos" tour of the UK and Ireland  which started in London on August 26th 2014 - Here is the little ditty which summarises the trip.   Click HERE to download the poem (in .DOC format) "The 43 of Us"

Please take a moment to read my copyright notice before delving into the poems

Copyright Notice:

All of the poetry on these pages and in my booklets is the original work of Brian Langley (note 1), Perth, Western Australia
You may freely copy and use these poems for private non profit use only.  This includes performances at Bush Poetry events, including performance competitions.
These poems MAY NOT be:

without the written consent of the copyright holder.     To apply for such consent, E-Mail Now.   or telephone  08 9361 3770 -  (for international callers, replace the 08 with either +618  or  00618 depending on your countries access codes)

Note 1 - One poem was written jointly with my "good wife", Dot,   one other was adapted from anonymous poem on the internet which I wrote at the request of one of my daughters - the rhyme and rhythm of the original was very poor,  whilst keeping the same general theme I have extensively modified it.  

My Poetic Products

(40 page) Booklets|
see below

1 (195 page) Book
see below

2 Audio CD
"I'm Proud to be Australian"  "It's a Bugger Gettin' Old"

2 e-books of Historical poetry
 (from the pen of E.G. "Dryblower" Murphy 1866-1939 )

2 Data CD s
The first one is a

PDF  of my Book (2nd Edition   220 pages)
The tracks of BOTH CDs (WAV format)


2nd one is NEW

Dryblower's Sunday Times Verses  1898 - 1905
Book 1  "Jarrah Jack to Hector C"
(986 Pages in both PDF and  HTML formats)
The Pictorial Posters of Dryblower
illustrated by Fred Roofy and Dick Hartley
(350 pages  PDF only)


Ordering - You may order any of my Poetic Products or make a query by e-mailing me

Costs are as indicated and are in $AU  -  Payment via Cheque (AU only), Paypal or Direct Bank Transfer
(Prices quoted DO NOT include P & P unless otherwise indicated)


My Book "You Could Write a Poem About That" retails at $25AU   - Postage in Australia is $6
(e-mailed PDF copy  available at $12AU   CD  $18 inc Australian Postage)


and my self published CDs "I'm Proud to Be Australian" and  "It's a Bugger Getting Old"  sell for $10  each 
Each has around 20 poems of varying lengths   (Postage in Australia is $1.50 each)
the first one has the theme "Australiana"  while the second (obviously) is about various aspects of Aging
Click here for a sample poem

I also have a data CD which contains a PDF of my book (2nd edition - about 20 extra pages)
plus all the tracks from both my CDs (WAV format) - This available for $30 (inc postage to Australia)

 My Booklets

Each is 40 pages, A5  soft cover, They sell for just $10AU in Australia - cheque, MO or direct transfer, Outside Australia $10US using Paypal) each or $9 each when buying more than 1 simultaneously, plus Postage  (In Australia, this amounts to around $3.00 ) - I'll need to check on the International postage.  If you are interested in buying them  please e-mail me.  I will Accept Australian Cheques or Money orders, Direct payment to my bank account (Australian only) or payment via Paypal (International)  Details will be given via e-mail. 
I will also supply them in PDF format for $6 each  (each booklet comes in 2 files, cover and content) 

Again, Please note - some of the shorter poems are presented here in their entirety,  but the majority of the others have only a representative part - you'll need to buy my booklets in order to find out how they end.

I've also included a few (very few) links to organisations I am members of - click here to go to my links


"Sun, Sand & Saltwater"
Published  2005


"The Forest & other verses"
Published 2007



"Driving in the Outback"
Published 2009
"Tales from the Sea"
Published 2010

contains only poems from the other 3 booklets.  Their common theme is that all have something (however small) to do with the sea or other bodies of water.  These poems are indicated by #

Part proceeds from the sale of this book go toward the WA Fisheries Volunteers Program promoting sustainable fishing.

This book is now discontinued as the WA State Government withdrew funding for the Fisheries Dept Volunteer Programme which has since been disbanded due to lack of funding.



Other Products

I can also supply laminated A4 poems printed on coloured or illustrated paper.  These sell for $2.50 each or 5 for $10 - same payment arrangements as for the booklets.  

Australian Postage is  up to 5 poems for $3.00


I can also provide my poems printed on fancy paper and framed -  prices will vary, dependent mainly on the cost of the frame and any matt sheets.  Please contact me to arrange details

Miscellaneous other poems not in any of the booklets but which appear in "You Could Write a Poem About That" Glory
Fish Tales
Short poems from all books
The Machine Knitter's House
The Memory Box
Wireless Hill, 100+ years

These pages have been printed so that (hopefully) they can be easily read by people with aging eyes as well as by those who are suffering from Irlin's Syndrome, a sight discrimination problem that is quite common, although not often recognised or diagnosed.  People having this condition are often thought to be either slow learners or dyslexic, however it is neither of these and is easily fixed by wearing suitably coloured glasses or using coloured transparent overlays when reading black on white.

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