The Poetry of Brian Langley


The Golfing Game


I knew about the golfing game

And how that it can bring you fame

And fortune if youíre very good;

Like blokes called Norman, Ells and Wood.


But Iíd not played that golfing stuff,

There on TV Iíd seen enough

To last me till my dying day.

Until my mate said ďCome and play.Ē


Now Iíd played baseball, cricket too,

And hockey, tennis and I knew

Just how to hit a ball in flight

With accuracy, and with might.


It seemed to me that any dill

Could hit a ball thatís standing still

Thatís at your feet, there on the ground

But itís not easy, so I found.


For that there little dimpled ball,

I found I couldnít hit at all.

But after fifteen tries or so

Eventually, that ball did go.


It shot off with a pinging sound

Then hit a tree and did rebound

Straight back toward me, flat and low;

The sort of ball I used to know.


So, quick as lightning, as it came

I changed my stance and changed my game,

And struck that ball a mighty blow

And watched it down the fairway go.



15 Further verses.
The entire poem can be read in my booklet "Sun, Sand & Saltwater"



© Brian Langley    Dec 2004


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