The Poetry of Brian Langley


The inspiration for this poem came from a lady friend who will not
go away from home unless she stays in 4 or 5 star accommodation


Going Camping

You've asked me to go camping
On a trip around our state
I'm sure I'd love your company
But other things I'd hate

So I must decline the offer
And here's the reasons why
I couldn't cope with such a trip
However hard I try

I'm terrified of beasts that bite
I quiver and I quake
When asked to wander through the bush
Where I might see a snake

And should you think of picnics
I fear I'll pee my pants
Should I have to share a blanket
With scores of hungry ants


Please don't ask me to go fishing
In a boat out on the sea
The ocean's full of monster sharks
Just waiting there for me

And at the beach, I do not swim
I do not care to meet
The crabs that hide beneath the sand
I'm sure they'll bite my feet


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©BL 31/3/01

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