The Poetry of Brian Langley


This little poem was inspired by the death at 106 of the oldest surviving soldier of the British forces to land at Galipolli in World War I

While I am not a pacifist, when I look back at history I see the futility of wars. All that effort, lost lives, shattered families, and for what. A few bits of political point scoring, and the politicians aren't even the ones that do the shooting

So here it is:
(It does not appear in any of my booklets)


In the annals of my family
there are heroes by the score.
Their pictures hang on every wall,
and over every door.

Their deeds are cast in history
in every major war.
They've seen the worst of battle.
The tears, the mud, the gore.

Each picture shows a hero
in khaki, black or red.
They went off seeking glory.
As they marched in line ahead.

They didn't stop to question
the words their leaders said.
They didn't know that glory was,
another word for dead.

© Brian Langley July 2001

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