The Poetry of Brian Langley


Fishing with the Grandkid



I took the grandkid fishing

Just like I did last year.

We walked down to the riverbank -

I carried all the gear.


We sat down on our fold up chairs;

The water looked just fine

She said that she’d forgotten how -

So I rigged up her line.


Then as I started on my own

I got that helpless look

As she said “Grandad, if you’ve time

Please help me bait my hook.”


So on her hook I put a worm

And showed her how it’s done;

She said “For girls, that sort of thing

Is not all that much fun.”


“I’d really love you granddad,

If each and every time

You’d thread the worm onto my hook

Cos I don’t like the slime.”


“And if you really wouldn’t mind

Can you please cast it out?

You’ll get much further out than me

I don’t have any doubt.”


I cast her line out to the deep

And handed her the rod

As she sat down, she said she might

Just like to catch a cod.



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(c)  Brian Langley  April 4 2007



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