The Poetry of Brian Langley


This poem is a comment on the fact that it seems to many older people that younger folk seem to have forgotten how to speak properly. 
We have a great deal of difficulty understanding shop assistants, people on the phone and many modern movies.
I know it has little to do with our hearing, for we understand each other perfectly well.
Perhaps it's got something to do with:  





You’ve heard of Charlie Darwin, that scientific chap

Whose evolution theory at the time caused quite a flap.

He classified the animals, said which has come from what

And pointed out the common bits that lots of us have got


He said that we’re like monkeys, like apes and chimpanzees

That we walk upright on two legs supported by our knees

And while these other animals can grunt and scream and squawk

You can tell us from the monkeys - for we have learned to talk



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©  Brian Langley  Aug 2006

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