The Poetry of Brian Langley,  "The City Poet" 

Driving in the Outback

The wife and I were driving, the back tracks out from Cue;
We stopped to look at wildflowers, the way that tourists do.
There’s not much else that grows out there, it very seldom rains
A little grass, few trees or shrubs, just endless red dirt plains.

We hadn’t seen a car all day, nor one the day before;
There’s not too many drive out there, a fact you can’t ignore.
Well anyway, while we were stopped; the wife, she got the urge
To answer nature’s calling card, so right there on the verge

She squats in preparation of, the thing she 'ád to do;
‘Er knickers down around ‘er knees  -   an interesting view.
But then, from out of nowhere, comes, a car that’s travellin’ fast;
Well, wifey pulls up knickers quick and waves as they go past -


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(C) Brian Langley March 8, 2009

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