The Poetry of Brian Langley


 This poem resulted from listening to a radio talk on sexuality and the aging male -
It is a bit away from my normal topics, but then inspiration to write comes in many guises.



At night, you come to me, my love
Arms outstretched and yearning
To take me to your heart and bed
I feel your passion burning

Our bodies and our souls are one
Together, both entwined
I feel these secret moments
Were inspired and designed

By some strange force of nature
I cannot understand
But feel it there when in my dreams
I take you by the hand

For dreams of you are all I have
You are my fantasy
Reality’s the real world,
Its there for all to see

Reality is kith and kin
And days that sped on by
The glow of youth, long past, I know
I do not question why

For in my real life it seems
The fire has diminished
Into comfort, Love’s still strong
But passion now is finished

And so I turn to you, my sweet
My secret fantasy
To make me feel young again
To bring me ecstasy

To set my soul again on fire
To make my spirit strong
I hold your image, bright and clear
With me the whole night long


© Brian Langley October 1999

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This poem is in my booklet  "Driving in the Outback"