The Poetry of Brian Langley

   In 2006, the then Premier of Western Australia, Alan Carpenter, announced that there would be a 3 year trial period to introduce Daylight Saving into Western Australia.  In past years, the WA people have already voted NO on three occasions,  but business lobbyists seem to think that it is necessary -  I wrote this poem in 2007, after the start of the second summer of Daylight saving.


Footnote  -  In the subsequent referendum, Daylight saving was again given the thumbs down, by an even bigger margin than in the past  referenda


Daylight Saving


The Carpenter has pinched our summer mornings

He’s given us some afternoons instead

At five A M when daylight should be dawning

The clock’s bin moved, it’s dark, we’re still in bed


We folks who liked the cool still pre-work mornings

To jog  or walk, whichever is our way

To have a swim or maybe catch some fishes

We’ve lost a precious hour of each day


Some of us used to do some early surfing

When waves were clean with breezes from the east

And some would walk the dog around the parklands

For many of these folk, such times have ceased


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©  Brian Langley    Nov 2, 2007

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