The Poetry of Brian Langley,  "The City Poet"

My wife is a dedicated needlecrafter, textile artist and teacher,
and, as she conducts her hobby and business from our home, the tools and materials of her craft occupy a considerable space.

Note - in a past time, the word "Blokey" which appears later in this poem was questioned by an American Craft  Guild.
They apparently thought it was some form of strong language. Not So!   "Blokey" simply means "pertaining to Blokes" (ie Men) 


 Our Crowded House

Our house is full of fabric
And threads of every shade.
The lounge is full of patchwork parts
For the quilt thatís almost made.

 The table we should dine on
Is two feet deep at least
In cut out, sorted bits of cloth
Arranged so theyíre not creased.

 Thereís a cupboard in one bedroom
Thatís bursting at the seams.
Its full of pastel coloured stuff,
All pinks and blues and creams 

Thereís boxes filled with net and lace,
Thereís ribbons, braid and more.
Its stacked in almost every room
From ceiling to the floor.

 The place she calls her sewing room
Has cupboards, wall to wall
All filled with arty crafty things,
She says she needs them all.


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©  Brian Langley  September 2004

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