The Poetry of Brian Langley



Cricket can sometimes get quite boring, but occasionally something happens that makes it more interesting





The Cricket Match



I was sittin’ watchin’ cricket. It was out at Lilac Hill

It was us against the Pommies and the day was warm and still

Though the teams were locked in combat, there hadn’t been much  scorin’

And like many I was findin’, it was just a wee bit borin’



The crowd was gettin’ restless, they were hissin’, they were booin’

Makin’ comments to the players ‘bout the things they should be doin’

When a lady sitting near me, she stood up and waved her arms

Then she tore off all her clothing so we all could see her charms




 As to what happens then,  you'll need to buy my booklet "The Forest and other verses" to find out


©  Brian Langley   29-8-2006

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